13 Home Business Ideas You Can Start For FREE

13 home business ideas you can start for free without investment.

In this video, you will learn about 13 home business ideas you can start for free without any kind of investment. These businesses will allow you to work from home using nothing but your computer and the internet to get everything done. I’ll even show you the best places to get started. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

Coming back to the video today I will share five home-based business that you can start while you are in quarantine or self isolation and which requires almost nothing to start. That means there is near to zero investment in starting any of these businesses so let’s get started with our video on five home-based business ideas to start.

The first one is drop shipping, so I’m sure you heard about drop shipping but you probably do not know what it entails. What is drop shipping exactly? So if you want to start a drop shipping business at home all you need to do is sign up with a wholesale company that provides a drop shipping facility. It could be anything, any physical product that you want to deal with it could be clothing, it could be cosmetic products, shoes, watches etc Drop shipping is the idea that you do not have to store the products in your warehouse or you do not need a warehouse or a storage facility. The wholesaler will take the orders, they will send the physical products to your customer directly and pay you a commission for it. So they ship it out for you without you having to deal with anything. You don’t deal with shipping, you don’t deal with storage so it is a great way of making money online in these times of quarantine.

A few general tips that I want to talk about is when you are starting this drop shipping business and if you are starting this drop shipping business right now consider the needs of today. Consider what people are looking for, consider what will be a item which people will be looking for. So for example parents are working from home and looking for products that can keep their kids busy, so you can deal with toys. People are working at home so maybe at home clothes where like sweatshirts or maybe comfortable clothing like pajamas or maybe formal clothing which you can wear at home and still be omfortable with. It could be toilet paper, it could be home office products, it could be files, it could be anything which helps you work from home and makes your life much easier. So think about it, think hard what people are looking for right now because people are financially stressing and are not spending a lot of money so you need to understand and deal in products where people are spending money.

So some companies that you can look for are Aliexpress salehoo and Lubbe. I will be linking to all of these in the description box then also do not forget to check it out if you are interested in starting a drop shipping business from home while you are in quarantine or while you’re dealing with coronavirus.

The second job that I want to talk about is that of virtual assistants now virtual assistant refers to a job where you can do something for someone else virtually so you can be located in India and your clients may be located in the US or in the UK or the other way around. So basically you’re helping entrepreneurs or online entrepreneurs businesses commercial businesses doing something virtually. You do not have an office to go to, you do not need to go to an office. All the work is done by phone, all the communications are done by phone or by email, so it is an incoming it is an upcoming and in-demand business right now. Virtual assistants are not only hired by brick-and-mortar businesses but they are also hired extensively by online entrepreneurs like bloggers service providers and other people that are running a business online. I have told you in many other videos and I’m going to repeat it again there are more than 150 services you can offer as a virtual assistant so each and every one of you who is listening to this video, you have a skill that you can monetize and you can become a virtual assistant. As and when you grow you can learn new skills add it to your portfolio and earn more income it is very simple to do and it is extremely possible for you to make a full-time income even up to five thousand or ten thousand dollars in a month.

All you have to do is put in a lot of work and learn new skills, I’m going to be linking to a list below which lists down the 150 services that you can provide as a virtual assistant you can also find virtual assistant jobs on several companies like Bella solutions and see hands I have talked about this with my previous videos you can search for it. If you are interested in customer care, if you’re good with handling people. The scope is great right now, many businesses especially the ones that provide work at home solutions and looking for customer care representatives that can dilute with the existing client expectations and problems as well as the potential customers that are moving there interesting business to online business.

I will link to a post below which lists down a lot of companies that hire chat agents and customer service agents. Besides that you can also consider freelancing as a part of virtual assistants you can work with platforms like fibers or upwork, or find your own clients this is the best availability when finding your own lines and catching them directly is the best way you can find freelancing clients right now it is in your hand. You can approach business specifically approach businesses that are booming right now and land jobs with them, I’ve been clicking to a very useful resource in the description box below that can help you learn each and every step of how to develop each client’s your freelancing services.

The third oneis Etsy or selling your own products nowone of the most profitable ways ofmaking money online is to sell somethingthis is clear and they all know this sothere are different ways and methods tosell products or services online you cancreate an e-book or an online course andsell it on platforms like udemy theymarket it for you and give you acommission for every sale so youentirely eliminate a lot of tasks thatyou may not be good at right now onceyou acquire the skills once you acquiremass marketing skills you can alsomarket it yourself and earn more incompanies udemy does take a percentageof commission from your incomes you canstart creating your products on simpleplatforms like word Google Docs or canvaor even PicMonkey a lot of people thinkselling and teaching is not for them solet me tell you it is for you so thereis one other other thing that you knowbetter than the people around you theremust be something that your friends oryour relatives or someone around in yourneighborhood comes to you to ask helpfor but you need to understand that youonly need to know 10% more than theperson who you are teaching to so if youare teaching sewing to somebody who doesnot know ABC of sewing then you canteach it you cannot teach you to a protailor but you can teach it to somebodywho is new do it so you understand whatI’m getting at right so if you knowsomething well and you know that youknow it better than a lot of others thenthis is your time to sell this is yourtime to create a product and sell it onthat website udemy or create a blog orcreate a YouTube channel where evenpromoted play the Facebook groupthen you can promote your products andservices if you’re good at crafts orcreative products you can start an Etsyshop and sell products online the fourthone is coaching of video based servicesso now this is something very specificto these four and ten times consideringthe times we are in the use weight a lotof usneed to manage our stress a lot of usneed help with time management orproductivity a lot of us need help withcooking a lot of us need help withknowing how to work out at home how tobe stress-free like yoga or take up someonline class which can keep us engagedor keep our kids engaged so you can signup with platforms like Skillshare Meghanyou can become a teacher and start anonline class you can also create aFacebook group and engage people andonce they’re engaged you can pitch themyour online class or your services forexample you can sell coaching servicesfor stress management or yoga classesthrough video as well get creative thankart think how what people need to do youcan also start some kids activity onlineclass where you engage with gives onlinethree play games maybe play interactivegames with them and give parents sometime off from their kids that they canfocus on their own work and run errandsaround the house the fifth one istutoring no tutoring is very importantin these times now because childrenschip because everybody’s kids are athome schools are shagging colleges areshut down and you need to self educateourselves so right now if somebody canfind it you can teach them what they’relooking for then they would definitelyhire them so you could work withplatforms like check or knows where tobe IP kid or you can start your ownteaching services so what you can do isto collect a group of people in yourneighborhood create a whatsapp group orcreate a Facebook group and tell themthat you’re offering this services so ifanybody has a kid who is in a certaincertain age or if you are okay withteaching college students then you aretaking certain classes and they canengage with you on a platform like Skypeor hangout and you can charge for thatand you can charge for that people wouldhappily pay you money to school theirkids to give them lessons about lessonsand give lessons to college students socome up with new things think what youcan do think what you can teach otherpeople and make money right now peoplewould be willingly giving you money forgetting irritated right now so there yougo these are the files home-basedbusinesses that you can start withalmost zero investment and while your himselfisolation of quarantine or whatever isgoing on with you so if you like thevideo do not forget to comment below andshare it with a friends and familyremember that you do not have to dealwith the stress going on right now aloneyou can comment below and talk to me youcan talk to us share with us if you likethis video do not forget to hitsubscribe button below and subscribe toour channel I will come back soon withmore videos on how you can make moneyduring foreign time and how you can makemoney online so stay tuned and keepcoming back thank you

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