Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba and one of China’s richest people (according to some sources he is even THE richest person in China). He is a business mogul, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a huge philanthropist.

But where does Jack Ma’s success come from? After all he was rejected more than 10 times by Harvard, by the police academy and at one point, even by KFC China.

This video will show you Jack Ma’s tips for success. They are taken from various interviews he has done over the years and showcase his unique mindset and look on the world. He shares his life philosophy and even he renowned “Jack Ma’s advice for young people” which has blown in popularity over the last few years. You’ll discover in this video Jack Ma’s motivation behind his meteoric business career and his top rules for success. Just watch, learn, implement and you’ll be in your way of reaching your goals. Even if you never aspire to be an entrepreneur, there is a lot you can learn from Jack Ma’s success story.

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